Friday, February 27, 2009

i'm a mom

There's no one else who calls me "Mama".
She doesn't know what she means, but I hear what she says.

Mama, my protector.
Mama, my playmate.
Mama, my food preparer.
Mama, my tucker-iner.
Mama, my story reader.
Mama, my drink getter.
Mama, my teacher.
Mama, my helper.
Mama, my tear-wiper.
Mama, my hugger.
Mama, my potty trainer.
Mama, my hurt-kisser.
Mama, MY mama.

How sweet the day that she knows I love her beyond measure, beyond words, without conditions.

Thanks, God, for this gift!

1 comment:

The Bowlin's said...

thanks for that beautiful reminder of why we do what we do!! it will help next time i hear mama mama mama mama a hundred times in a row. i am double blessed.