Monday, December 1, 2008

it's happening...

Unfortunate for most parents must be the onset of the "terrible two's".  And it has started for us.  Creeping into our daily life are fits of disappointed crying sessions and an overuse of the word "myself".  Yesterday I was at my patience's end.   Today, however, has been much better.  Staying connected to the Lord seems to be pivotal in maintaining my internal peace and,  consequently, the peace in our home.  As I watched Amia demanding to do something by herself, I thought about the commentary it was regarding my life.  Though my mirror is only 30 inches tall, it reflects my heart uncomfortably accurate.  Even amidst situations that should cause me to depend entirely on God, I still find myself struggling to surrender... I mean really surrender.  In parts is one thing; in entirety is something completely different.  And God has been calling me to deal with areas of my life that I hold back from Him.  There are things I don't want to change... it's just too familiar... too comfortable.

But that is not what He has called us to, is it?  Hold me accountable - I plan to wrestle with God this week.

"I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands."  Psalm 119:10

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

to swiff or not to swiff?

I was on the prowl to save a buck when I encountered a website that offered suggestions for homemade swiffers.  (Does any one still swiff with me?)  So, I tried several of their suggestions.  I used a paper towel.  I used an old rag.  I even tried the suggested pantyhose.  What I have found that has worked the best is the cloth diaper recommendation. However, it's still not as good as a swiffer sheet.  Are their any other ideas out there?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

dream moments...

There are moments in life that we wish would never end.  To freeze and live in them forever would be bliss and happiness, but would we appreciate them the way we do?  I remember the day I looked into my husband's eyes and promised my forever to him only.  That was a moment of overwhelming love and joy.  I liked it.  Since then we've had many moments worth freezing.  Whether it's just random fun here at home, or watching our daughter do something for the first time, these moments blow in and out of our days and are breathed in like the first smell of fresh Spring air.

I had one of those moments last night.  Amia was having a rare rough night, so I had lain with her on the couch.  One would think that the moments of watching her sleep in the dim light which crept up the stairs was it, for it was perfect.  But it got more perfect.  She awoke and in a dazed state of wakefulness pulled very closed to me smiling, then kissed me.  After climbing up to lie on me, she raised her head once more to say, "Hi," and offered another kiss before returning to her dreams.  

I sighed with satisfaction and thanked God for this sweet memory.

Do you have a dream moment to share?

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on..." 
William Shakespeare's The Tempest

Friday, October 24, 2008

beans, beans the magical...

toy!  :)  I know it's not a huge stretch of the imagination to go from rice to beans, but I did it.  (Okay, Mom helped me out a little bit.)  Amia loves playing with dried beans, too.  And, they are a smidgen easier to clean up.  (I don't have a pic because I video recorded this playtime.)

My very intelligent (and favorite) sister-in-law Stacy suggested feathers as well for little tots.  So, that's on our list, too.  

Okay, Mommies and Friends of Mommies, what else can we try?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

delicious and healthy... with a twist!

Whatever your impression of quirky, trendy eaters, put it aside.  My friend forwarded me this recipe for applesauce - and it is FANTASTIC!  It's raw, which means it is maintaining all of it nutritive value for you and your kiddos.  (Also, it means that it's only good in your fridge for 3 -4 days.  But, mm, mm, mm worth it!)

3 apples
1 banana
4 dates (softened in water)
1/4+ water

Peel and core apples.  Put all ingredients into blender.  Puree.  Sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon.  3-4 servings.

Try it!  (And let me know what you think!) 

Friday, October 17, 2008

fun with shaving cream?

No!  And no thanks for a while, Mom!

The shaving cream did not go over well this morning.  Amia is a bit touchy today anyway...  I think it's those teeth again.  Oh well, we'll try again later.  :)

Let me know what you try with your kids!!  I'm always looking for new fun stuff to try.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

what should we do today?

I did it.  I didn't know I could, but I can.  Surprisingly, I had an emotion that was not listed as an option on MySpace mood.  I searched for "motivated" and found it to be lacking from the prolix list of choices.  It's not random, rare, or ostentatious, but it is - not there.  

However, I did find a very cool website for moms with tots.  Well, and there's plenty on there for the older kids, too (toddler - school age).  Check it out ---  There are great activities for us to do at home with our kiddos.  I think I will try the shaving cream activity with Amia tomorrow.  Should be fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

in the beginning...

Walking through the chip and cookie isle today while shopping, I happened upon a family.  The young boy about 2 years old sat in the cart basically screaming.  The father pushed him, and a tired mother, with what appeared to be about an 8-month old boy, lagged a bit behind.  

I could only hear the screams (which had been heard isles before) but as I got closer to the family I could hear the father as well.  "I'm not listening.  I can't hear you," he said over and over again in a low tone.  I grabbed my bag of blue corn chips (one of my very favorite snacks) and  turned to exit the isle the same way I came in.  The family had stopped at the cookies.  The parents seemed to be attempting to bribe the child into self-control.  From what I could see, they offered him a couple types of cookies.  Both of which he refused before the mother said in an agitated tone, "Fine, then, you don't get anything."  And so, the boy resumed his crying.  

I prayed silently, "Dear God, help me to be consistent."  I thought of my 16-month old daughter and how I am trying to raise her... without bribes.

This is the beginning of my discourse with you.  As I try to purposefully stumble into good parenting, I will inevitably prove myself incapable at times - especially in public - but I will still tutor myself towards improvement.