Tuesday, October 14, 2008

in the beginning...

Walking through the chip and cookie isle today while shopping, I happened upon a family.  The young boy about 2 years old sat in the cart basically screaming.  The father pushed him, and a tired mother, with what appeared to be about an 8-month old boy, lagged a bit behind.  

I could only hear the screams (which had been heard isles before) but as I got closer to the family I could hear the father as well.  "I'm not listening.  I can't hear you," he said over and over again in a low tone.  I grabbed my bag of blue corn chips (one of my very favorite snacks) and  turned to exit the isle the same way I came in.  The family had stopped at the cookies.  The parents seemed to be attempting to bribe the child into self-control.  From what I could see, they offered him a couple types of cookies.  Both of which he refused before the mother said in an agitated tone, "Fine, then, you don't get anything."  And so, the boy resumed his crying.  

I prayed silently, "Dear God, help me to be consistent."  I thought of my 16-month old daughter and how I am trying to raise her... without bribes.

This is the beginning of my discourse with you.  As I try to purposefully stumble into good parenting, I will inevitably prove myself incapable at times - especially in public - but I will still tutor myself towards improvement.

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